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A selection of the range of books and publications available from the Heritage Centre Shop.


Eastbourne In Detail


Eastbourne In Detail

By Richard Crook 

This beautifully designed book reveals Eastbourne's wealth of architectural details.  208 full colour pages with many hundreds of photographs, this book shows the town's grander built heritage and delights in focusing on the often overlooked visual details that together make up the character of the town.  

£20.00 published by Aves Press, hard back ISBN 9780956861139

Eastbourne Streetscapes Through Time

By Paul Jordan

Exhibition catalogue of the Heritage Centre's recent exhibition showing the evolution of Eastbourne's town centre streetscapes.

£4.99 published by
Eastbourne Heritage Centre


James Owen

Old Eastbourne through the eyes
of an artist

Full colour booklet of Eastbourne artist James Owen's watercolours, plus reproductions of his 'Ye Olde Eastbourne Series of Postcards'.

£5.99 published by 
Eastbourne Heritage Centre


Front Line Eastbourne

Replica of 1945 commemorative booklet showing Eastbourne during WWII, 96 pages are packed full of photographs from the Eastbourne Gazette and
Herald newspapers. 

£5.99 re-produced by kind permission of Sussex Newspapers for
The Eastbourne Society


Heritage Walks

Explore the heritage of Eastbourne with this folder containing nine handy-sized walking guides. Each walk is illustrated with pictures and maps and will appeal to both visitors and residents alike:
-Old Town 
-Town Centre 
-Lower Meads 
-Hampden Park 
-Eastern Seafront
-Western Parades
-Sovereign Harbour

£3.00 published by The Eastbourne Society


Between the Downs and the Sea

By Frank Glynn

Packed full of colour illustrations and photographs this delightful souvenir of the town tells the story of Eastbourne a seaside resort which today boasts a marina to the east and the adjoining South Downs National Park. 

£2.50 published by The Eastbourne Society





Roller Skates and Rackets

The story of Devonshire Park and Tennis in Eastbourne - the first 125 years


£5.95 published by SB Publications, paperback,

ISBN 1 85770 156 9






From Old Photographs


By Roy Douglas

Within the pages of this book, Eastbourne expert Roy Douglas charts the town’s history through a unique selection of old photographs, prints and postcards to show what life was like for Eastbourne’s past residents, and to highlight the celebrations and struggles of war time that this picturesque town has witnessed.


£12.99 published by Amberley Publishing, paperback ISBN 9781445633220


Through Time


By Kevin Gordon

At the eastern end of the South Downs and the famous Beachy Head, Eastbourne is a genteel seaside town, with none of the 'kiss-me-quick' style of other resorts. Join Kevin Gordon on this nostalgic trip, using old and new postcards and photographs, showing that Eastbourne remains "the Empress of Watering Places". Essential reading for anyone who knows and loves this typically British seaside town.


£14.99 published by Amberley Publishing, paperback ISBN 9781848681330


The British Seaside Holiday

By Kathryn Ferry

A nostalgic look at a hundred years of old-fashioned idyllic seaside holidays from 1870 to 1970. Seaside promenades, piers, deckchairs, sandcastles and sticks of rock make up the memorable ingredients of a tradition that most ordinary people in this country have experienced. Colourful photographs and images are brought to life with light-hearted commentary reveal the history behind trips to the seaside.

£12.99 paperback ISBN 9780747807278


Beach Huts and Bathing Machines

By Kathryn Ferry

Behind the enduring popularity of today’s beach huts lies a story of classic British eccentricity. Immensely photogenic and appealing, these colourful seaside buildings are direct successors of Georgian bathing machines, peculiar devices designed to protect the modesty of bathers.

£6.99 paperback ISBN 9780747807001



By Paul Rabbitts

Distinctive feature of public parks and seaside promenades all over Britain. This book shows how the bandstand evolved from the early Victorian era.

£6.99 paperback ISBN 9780747808251


Designing the Seaside

By Fred Gray

A history of seaside architecture from the eighteenth century to the present day with the aid of photographs, architectural drawings, guidebooks, postcards, and railway and publicity posters, this book explores and delineates changing attitudes to holidaymaking and its setting. While the book's chief focus is Britain, it also contains numerous examples from the USA, Europe and the Far East. 

£19.95 paperback ISBN 9781861894403


The English Seaside

By Peter Williams

Peter Williams is a photographer at English Heritage and a devoted enthusiast of the seaside, his evocative photographs in this fully revised edition of his acclaimed book will make you want to rediscover what a fantastic place the seaside is full of character, charm and 'Englishness'.

£14.99 paperback ISBN 9781848021259


South For Sunshine

By Tony Hillman and Beverley Cole

Colour pictures and information showing Southern Railway’s 1923 to 1947 golden age of publicity materials, an era when thousands of different eye catching and colourful publicity booklets, leaflets and posters were produced by popular artists of the day for Southern.

£7.95 paperback ISBN 1854142135


Eastbourne Then & Now

By John Surtees and Nick Taylor

The sunniest place in Britain due to its sheltered location, modern Eastbourne emerged as a popular seaside resort in the early nineteenth century. Including some of Eastbourne’s best-loved landmarks such as the Pier, Wish Tower and Beachy Head, this book takes you on a nostalgic journey from past to present.

£12.99 hardback ISBN 9780752485768


Playhouse On The Park

By Edward Thomas

The history of the Devonshire Park Theatre a Grade II listed building designed by Henry Currey, built in 1884 it is one of the best examples of small Victorian Theatre in the country.

£5.00 paperback ISBN 9780953176502


Mr Phipp’s Theatre:

The Sensational Story of
Eastbourne’s Royal Hippodrome

By John Pick and Mark Jones

The story of Eastbourne’s Royal Hippodrome Theatre dating back to 1883 it the oldest theatre in the town, designed and built for the theatre manager and impresario George Beaumont Loveday by the eminent theatre architect C J Phipps. Today the venue continues to host one of the longest running summer seasons in the country for years.


£17.99 paperback ISBN 1904031382


Old Cinemas

By Allen Eyles

This book examines the rise and fall of the “picture house” in Britain before the advent of today’s multiplex cinemas.

£4.99 paperback ISBN 9780747804888


Sussex on the Screen:

A Guide to Filming in the County 1896-2012 

By Daryl Burchmore

Sussex has played host to a vast wealth of screen productions and many of these have been located in Eastbourne and the surrounding countryside. Famous personalities and characters have made their mark on Sussex - Pierce Brosnan, Barbra Streisand, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, Dr Who, James Bond, Count Dracula, Hercule Poirot and even Winnie the Pooh! Daryl Burchmore vividly describes the county’s film heritage. 

£8.99 paperback ISBN 1780034997


George Ambrose Wallis

and Other Agents of the Dukes of Devonshire
in Eastbourne

By Tom Hollobone

Find out about the men behind the development of Eastbourne in the C19th. George Wallis, the first mayor, and his brother William Lumb Wallis, were responsible for the parades and promenades, Upper Dukes Drive and the Devonshire Baths. The architect, Henry Currey, laid out the plans for the Duke of Devonshire’s new town of Eastbourne.

£3.00 published jointly by The Eastbourne Local History and The Eastbourne Society