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Eastbourne In Detail

A selection of the range of books and publications available from the Eastbourne Heritage Centre Shop.

Eastbourne In Detail

By Richard Crook 

This beautifully designed book reveals Eastbourne's wealth of architectural details.  208 full colour pages with many hundreds of photographs, this book shows the town's grander built heritage and delights in focusing on the often overlooked visual details that together make up the character of the town.  

£20.00 published by Aves Press, hard back ISBN 9780956861139

Are You Being Served?

Eastbourne's department stores remembered

Catalogue of the Heritage Centre's new exhibition, tracing the histories of the town's four main department stores - Bobby's (later Debenhams), Dale & Kerley (later Barkers / Army & Navy / T J Hughes), Plummer Roddis (later Closs & Hamblin), Beales (later Cooperative).

£7.00 published by 
Eastbourne Heritage Centre

Eastbourne - All change!

Catalogue of the Heritage Centre's continuing exhibition. Eminent Victorian gentleman, William Cavendish, sought an Act of Parliament for the authorisation of the London, Brighton & South Coast Railway Company to construct a branch from the main line to Eastbourne. At a grand opening, 170 years ago, the first train arrived at the railway station, and the rest is history.

£6.00 published by
Eastbourne Heritage Centre

Eastbourne in Sickness 
and in Health

Catalogue of the Heritage Centre's recent exhibition. From the cradle to the grave, Eastbourne in Sickness and in Health covers the town’s medical history from the 1860s to the present day. Including All Saints, St Mary's, and Princess Alexandra hospitals, and how they were all subsumed into today's Eastbourne District General Hospital.

£6.00 published by
Eastbourne Heritage Centre


Eastbourne's Devonshire Park

- the Duke's Pleasure Ground

Catalogue of the Heritage Centre's recent exhibition, tracing the development of the town's cultural and sporting hub. Showing the new Devonshire Quarter with the restoration of the park's listed heritage buildings - Winter Garden, Congress and Devonshire Park Theatres, and the new Welcome Building conference centre, and development of the international tennis facilities.  

£6.00 published by
Eastbourne Heritage Centre

Eastbourne Streetscapes Through Time

by Paul Jordan

Catalogue of the Heritage Centre's exhibition by Paul Jordan  traces the evolution of the town centre streetscapes from the 1850s to the 1970s. Paul Jordan, artist and archivist, has researched, written, and created pen and wash illustrations showing the changing faces of nine of the town's streetscapes. 

£6.00 published by
Eastbourne Heritage Centre

James Owen

Old Eastbourne through the eyes of an artist

Full colour booklet showing  artist James Owen's Eastbourne and local Sussex watercolours and illustrations. The artist created a number of retrospective and contemporary images of Eastbourne which were reproduced during his lifetime as the 'Ye Olde Eastbourne Series of Postcards'. 

£6.00 published by 
Eastbourne Heritage Centre

Front Line Eastbourne

Replica of 1945 commemorative booklet showing Eastbourne during  WWII, 96 pages are packed full of photographs from the Eastbourne Gazette and Herald newspapers. 

£5.99 re-produced by kind permission of Sussex Newspapers for
The Eastbourne Society


Heritage Walks

Explore the heritage of Eastbourne with these 8 handy-sized walking guides. Each walk is illustrated with pictures and maps and will appeal to both visitors and residents alike:
-Old Town 
-Town Centre 
-Lower Meads 
-Eastern Seafront
-Western Parades
-Sovereign Harbour

50p each or £3.00 for the set of 8 walks.

Published by The Eastbourne Society



Through Time


By Kevin Gordon

At the eastern end of the South Downs and the famous Beachy Head, Eastbourne is a genteel seaside town, with none of the 'kiss-me-quick' style of other resorts.

Join Kevin Gordon on this nostalgic trip, using old and new postcards and photographs, showing that Eastbourne remains "the Empress of Watering Places". Essential reading for anyone who knows and loves this typically British seaside town.

£14.99 published by Amberley Publishing, paperback ISBN 9781848681330

George Ambrose Wallis

and Other Agents of the Dukes of Devonshire
in Eastbourne

By Tom Hollobone

Find out about the men behind the development of Eastbourne in the C19th. George Wallis, the first mayor, and his brother William Lumb Wallis, were responsible for the parades and promenades, Upper Dukes Drive and the Devonshire Baths.

The architect, Henry Currey, laid out the plans for the Duke of Devonshire’s new town of Eastbourne.

£3.00 published jointly by The Eastbourne Local History and The Eastbourne Society

Playhouse On The Park

By Edward Thomas

The history of the Devonshire Park Theatre a Grade II listed building designed by Henry Currey, built in 1884 it is one of the best examples of small Victorian Theatre in the country.

£5.00 paperback ISBN 9780953176502